Basketball Trade Rumors for Today July27th 2009

Glen Davis in Sign and trade rumors

Return looks immi-Nate

Report: Dallas Mavericks agree to contract with Gooden

Glen Davis in Sign and trade rumors

In the midst of all this, Alex from NES 24/7 called into the show for a 30-minute conversation on sign and trade rumors. For fans who dislike rumor talk, the middle of the show is not for you, but for the rest of us who enjoy speculation it was a hit. Alex confirmed that he had been hearing the same rumor as Justin from a different source; that Glen Davis is headed to New Jersey in a sign and trade. While Justin was reluctant to post any such rumor in print without specific details, Alex reported that Yi Jianlian was the target and it is likely that no further details have been sorted out yet.

All were in agreement that figuring out what city Glen Davis will call home for next season was holding up the works; the proverbial cork in a shaken champagne bottle. At the end of the week, Gabe Pruitt’s future with the team will be decided and while that is no cause for setting a sign and trade deadline, Kevin and Justin set one anyway. And not to mention the report that Bruce Bowen to the Celtics is in the works! While this may be the longest write-up for a Sunday night show in quite some time, I can assure you that it is only scratching the surface of what proved to be a solid show.

Return looks immi-Nate

As we reported last Thursday Nate Robinson’s return to the Knicks is all but assured. Other media outlets are now reporting that Robinson will sign a one-year contract for approximately $5 million at some point this week.

The deal will enable Robinson to become an unrestricted free agent next summer. Robinson’s agents, the Goodwin brothers, said that their client received plenty of interest from other teams but because the Knicks had the right to match any offer teams were reluctant to sign Robinson to an offer sheet.

The Knicks were hoping to get Robinson and David Lee signed at the same time and that is still a possibility if Lee is willing to agree to a one-year deal worth between $7 and $8 million. If Lee isn’t signed, the Knicks will try to work out and sign and trade. The Bulls have always been high on Lee and may try to work out a deal. The Knicks like Kirk Hinrich but Chicago would likely push Tyrus Thomas.

Report: Dallas Mavericks agree to contract with Gooden

BILL NICHOLS / The Dallas Morning News

NBA journeyman Drew Gooden, who has played for six teams in seven seasons, apparently will make Dallas his next stop.

An unrestricted free agent, Gooden announced the deal on his Twitter feed just after midnight Saturday, writing, "Dallas here I come!!!" Mavericks owner Mark Cuban tweeted in response: "Welcome Drew.", quoting unidentified sources, reported that Gooden will receive a one-year contract worth a guaranteed $4.5 million with incentives that can exceed $5 million. The Mavericks have money to spend because of the midlevel exception void left by Brandon Bass’ departure.

Gooden had announced via Twitter on Friday that he would be "making my decision tomorrow on which team I will be playing for." His final choices reportedly were Dallas, Cleveland and Charlotte.

Cuban did not respond to e-mails Sunday, and Donnie Nelson, president of basketball operations, could not be reached for comment.

Gooden, 27, has been on the move for most of his career. Dallas will be his fifth team in the last two years. His longest stint was just shy of four seasons in Cleveland, where he started all but two of his 292 games played.

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