Boozer and Iverson News

Sam Smith of reports that

Carlos Boozer said on the Jim Rome ESPN radio show he hasn’t decided whether to opt out from his contract with more than $12 million remaining. He had said earlier this year he planned to opt out. Boozer supposedly had been indicating he has a free agent promise from Detroit or New Jersey.I’ve talked to a number of NBA executives about Boozer and several seemed to wonder why you’d make a huge financial commitment in this era to a player who missed maybe 40 percent of the games under his big deal with the Jazz and who made the Olympic team and was hardly played despite his college coach being the team coach. … Speaking of free agents, I asked a general manager about Allen Iverson.

His response was: "He may be the NBA’s Barry Bonds." … With Paul Westphal’s hiring by the Kings there aren’t anymore open jobs. But the talk lately has been several teams have sent feelers to Louisville’s Rick Pitino.

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