Bosh laughs at idea of Knicks


Ismail Humet is a huge Knicks fan who attends Hofstra University and had high hopes about his club making hay in 2010’s free-agent class.
That is, until he had a taped phone conversation with Chris Bosh, who broke into a laughing fit at the notion of signing with the Knicks next summer.

The entire conversation can be seen on Bosh’s reps taped the contest giveaway, a recent trend of athletes promoting themselves on their own through ustream.

In the video, Humet gets a 3 a.m. phone call from Bosh, letting him know his younger brother had won "The Most Dirtiest Sneakers” contest. During the phone call, Bosh tells Humet he will receive a gift — a Bosh autographed pair of sneakers — in the mail.

Humet replied, "I appreciate that, but you know what’s a better gift? Come to the New York Knicks New York Knicks next season."

Bosh and his manager, Hadi Teherany, laughed at the suggestion, laughed the rest of the call, and even laughed after he hung up.

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