Bosh not giving out any hints

Chris Bosh said not to read anything into his uncontrollable laughter
on a Ustream video when a caller asked about signing with the Knicks.
But he hardly sounded convincing that he considers New York a viable

"If I said something, you can read something into it," Bosh said before
scoring 18 points last night in the Raptors’ 112-104 victory over the
Knicks. "People ask me all the time, every city I go to, in the
streets, people have their video phones. That’s all I can do without
trying offend anybody is laugh."

The Raptors power forward would likely be a fallback for the Knicks if their main target LeBron James doesn’t come to New York. Bosh, however, wasn’t giving any hints.

"Everybody has to wait and see," Bosh said.

Bosh played for Mike D’Antoni on the U.S. Olympic Team, and that could be a magnet.

"He’s a good coach," Bosh said. "He gets along well with his players. Any team you want to go to in the league, you want to play for a good coach."

On Thursday, Bosh spoke about the Garden in nice terms. But if he doesn’t remain in Toronto, the best bet is he heads to play with Dwyane Wade in Miami or James in Cleveland, especially since the Knicks have David Lee, who plays the same position.

Bosh said that’s a non-factor because Lee and several Knicks have expiring deals and may not be back. Bosh made the point even if the Knicks make the playoffs, it may not be as significant because of the unknown future of those players.

"Sometimes make the playoffs but in order to get certain guys you have to make room," Bosh said. "So there’s no telling what kind of team will be here next year."

As for the Garden, Bosh said: "I like the Garden. The Garden has always been a fantastic place for me to play. It was sort of the first big stage I ever played on in the McDonald’s Game [in 2002] when I was in high school. I’ve been there every year since. It’s special."

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