Bosh starts waiting game …. Does this actually help the Raptors? is reporting that Chris Bosh starts waiting game. Will Dwyane Wade, LeBron James follow?
In the article it is reported that "Bosh: Let’s talk in 2010.

Good for Chris Bosh. He took a stand. There will be no extension this summer, the Raptors power forward declared last week. Instead, his next contract move will come at the July 1, 2010 start of free agency.

LeBron James and Dwyane Wade have not been nearly as definitive, even though it is unlikely either would entertain an extension when they become eligible this summer, with July 12 the first day Wade could close such a Heat deal and July 18 the first day a Cavaliers extension agreement could be reached with James.

The reality, though, is Bosh’s preemptive statement preempts nothing. If anything, it opens the door for Toronto to investigate a trade, with the Raptors otherwise facing the reality of losing their franchise player for nothing in return next summer.

The irony of July 12 being the first day Wade can sign an extension (the three-year anniversary of his rookie-scale extension) is that is the day he will host the Summer Groove charity game at AmericanAirlines Arena. That game could again feature James, whose extension window opens that same week.

It certainly would behoove Wade to get out front of the situation, as Bosh did. Ditto for James."

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