Bosh to the Rockets?

RICHARD JUSTICE – Houston Chronicle

Once the Toronto Raptors figure out that Chris Bosh will be departing via free agency a year from now, they may be inclined to trade him this summer.

Their choice is to trade him to the Rockets now and get something in return, or wait until he signs with the Rockets a year from now and get nothing.

If they decide to deal him, Rockets general manager Daryl Morey almost certainly would like to be at the front of the line.

Bosh is 25 years old. He’s 6-10. He’s 23 points and 10 rebounds a night. He’s a great kid. He’s a Texan, too.

(Actually, he’s from Dallas, which, sort of makes him a Texan. No one’s perfect.)

He’s the best option for the Rockets filling that huge hole in the middle of their roster caused by the possible absence of Yao Ming for next season or longer.

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