Bytown fans implore Bosh to re-up with Raps


Chris Bosh made a delayed appearance at yesterday’s scrimmage, but the fans were waiting.

With the team already in the middle of their warmups and having been introduced individually, Bosh came out to his own introduction and a rousing welcome.
What soon followed were chants of "Re-sign, re-sign" which elicited a knowing smile and wave from Bosh and a thumbs up from Jarrett Jack who was on the floor running drills.

Rookie draws praise

Not unexpectedly, most of the crowd-pleasing came from the ultra-athletic duo of rookie DeMar DeRozan and newcomer Sonny Weems who put on quite a show for the Ottawa fans, while Reggie Evans continues to look like that blue-collar, hard-working, lunch bucket type of player Raptors fans love to embrace.

DeRozan led all scorers in the game with 13 playing on the losing Grey side, one more than Marco Belinelli who lead the victorious Black squad with an even dozen.

Evans came just as advertised playing tough interior defence and pulling down a game-high 13 boards for the Black squad.

"This is a blessing, it’s an honour to be in a position like this," Evans said afterward. "(The support) just lets me know how hard I’m working and stuff like that."

Wright on

Line of the day came from newcomer Antoine Wright to one of the refs after he was called for a foul on Belinelli. As Belinelli got set to inbound the ball, Wright could be heard telling the ref: "You know they fine people for flopping right?"

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