Carlos Boozer or center Mehmet Okur could become available

The Detroit Free Press is reporting that Carlos Boozer or center Mehmet
Okur may be available as possible options for the Detroit Pistons if
the Jazz are still dead set against paying the luxury tax.

“Speculation has centered on the Pistons’ interest in Boozer when free agency begins July 1. If he returns to Utah, he and his $12.6-million salary might be trade bait. And Miller didn’t seem as committed to Boozer.

"We’d love to have Carlos here," Miller said. "Carlos is a very talented player. I think he would be one who would be considered a marquee player. But I do have concerns about Carlos’ defense, and I have some concerns about his ability to lead the team."

Okur, a part of the Pistons’ 2004 championship, could be a target if he opts out, since 7-footers who can shoot are rare.

If the Pistons make Millsap an offer, the Jazz would have the right of first refusal.”
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