Carlos Boozer rumors – July 14, 2009

Boozer trade talks heat up

CARLOS BOOZER HAS KNICKS BUZZINGBoozer trade talks heat up

Ken Berger

Working under the assumption that the Utah Jazz will match Portland’s $32 million offer sheet for Paul Millsap, the wheels are in motion to find trade possibilities for Carlos Boozer.

According to a person involved in the process, Boozer’s camp has explored trade possibilities with Miami, the Knicks, Golden State, and Detroit, among others. The scenario is complicated by the fact that Utah would want to bring back as little salary as possible to avoid luxury-tax ramifications, meaning a third team would have to be recruited as a salary dumping ground.

Oklahoma City, with $11.5 million in cap room, is the most logical choice. But the Thunder don’t appear to be willing to disrupt their financial horizon. Memphis has room and will get $5.2 million more on Friday from the Jerry Stackhouse buyout. The Pistons cleared $1.8 million more by trading Arron Affalo and Walter Sharpe to Denver for a second-round pick and cash. The Pistons now have more than $5 million in cap space and could emerge as a factor in the Boozer talks, the person familiar with the situation said.



"I’m not sure we have anybody they want," Walsh said of the Jazz.

According to a source, Walsh loves Boozer’s inside game and his contract, which has just one year left on it. Walsh believes Boozer will be traded and has spoken to the Jazz.

"Everyone knows the Knicks are after one-year contracts," the source said.

The Jazz are contemplating matching a $32 million offer sheet to their own free agent, Paul Millsap, only if they can deal Boozer, a rugged power forward. Boozer has one year and $12.6M left on his pact, and the Knicks would own his Bird rights if they wanted to re-sign the All-Star power forward in 2010. The Knicks’ best pawn is the expiring pact of retired Cuttino Mobley, which is covered mostly by insurance.

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