Carmelo 'better fit than LeBron' for the Knicks

Not only does Carmelo Anthony apparently have his heart set on playing
in New York, but a close confidant of the NBA superstar told The Post
yesterday that he is a better fit for the Big Apple than LeBron James.

"Nothing would bother him," the confidant said of Anthony playing here.
"The media wouldn’t bother him because he really likes people. The
pressure wouldn’t bother him because he loves to have the game in his
hands. Nothing bothers him."
James recently spurned the Knicks, as well as the Cavaliers, to sign with the Miami Heat, torching years of Knicks salary dumping and excruciating losing seasons. Melo could save the plan.
Anthony, who recently married Brooklyn native La La Vazquez, loves the idea of teaming with Amar’e Stoudemire — who had the courage to come to the Big Apple — playing for Knicks coach Mike D’Antoni and reaping the rewards that come with playing in the world’s largest media market.

"He’s a better fit for New York than LeBron," said the confidant. "Melo is one of those guys who could handle New York very, very well.

"He understands that part of the business and nothing scares him. He’s fearless."

Anthony, who the Denver Nuggets want desperately to be the face of their franchise, has one year left on his deal before free agency.

He has not signed the Nuggets’ offer of a three-year extension worth about $21.6 million annually.

That hesitancy, combined with the fact Anthony has put his Littleton, Colo., estate up for sale and toasts made at his July 11 wedding by Stoudemire and point guard Chris Paul, have the Nuggets fretting Anthony wants out of the Mile High City.

ESPN reported Nuggets owner Stan Kroenke has resigned himself to the probability Anthony won’t remain in Denver.

Since Stoudemire, Paul and Anthony’s brother Robert made statements at the wedding about Melo coming to NY, he has said nothing to Kroenke to dilute the talk.

"This isn’t LeBron," said Anthony’s confidant. "LeBron left his home. Melo would be coming home.

"And most people aren’t aware of how generous he’s been to Baltimore, Syracuse and Denver," added the source. "He’s done great things everywhere he’s been."

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