Carter trade talks heating up!

ESPN reports that the New Jersey Nets and Toronto Raptors are in serious talks about a trade that would send Vince Carter to the Nets.

For Carter, the Raptors would get Alonzo Mourning, Eric Williams, Aaron Williams and two first round draft picks.

Sources also tell ESPN that the talks have moved to the point that they could be finalized before the end of the day.

I have mixed feeling about this move, on one hand Carter had done nothing for us the past 3 season but the same can be said about Zo, If Zo can have return to form the Raps win this deal hands down. The picks could be want makes or breaks this deal. If the Nets continue to lose and the Raps end up with a top 15 pick along with Zo and cap room then I will be happy with the deal but if Carter tears it up for Jersey and Zo misses the rest of the season I will be pissed.

I can only hope that this trade if it does happen works out for the best.

Wayne Coffey (JaYs)

Vice Admin (Wow Baseball)

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