Carter's Days in Toronto Over?

Reports are saying that the reason Toronto Raptors shooting guard Vince Carter sat out the teams game against King James and the Caves wasn’t entirely because he had food poisoning, a report in Toronto was saying that the former star has been traded.Carter requested a trade this past summer because he wasn’t happy with the direction the team was going in. He claimed he wanted to play for a winner, and he didn’t’ think the Raptors were in good enough shape to compete for the playoffs. As we have seen this season he was right. The Raptors look like they don’t give a damn on the floor. They don’t seem to care if they win or lose. Its time for a major shake up in Toronto, Carter being traded would be just what the team needs. The rumored teams interested in Carters, are the Trailblazers, knicks, Hornets and to a lesser extent the Bulls. As a Raptor fan I’m hoping something gets done and gets done soon.

Wayne Coffey (JaYs)

Vice Admin (Wow Baseball)

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