Cavs might rest LeBron until playoffs

The Cavaliers are looking at a real possibility of resting LeBron James
for the remainder of the NBA’s regular season, coach Mike Brown said

James, who has assorted bumps and bruises, sat out Thursday’s loss to
the Chicago Bulls and was held out against the Indiana Pacers game

”I talked about that with my staff and I talked about it a little bit with him, too. We’ll just kind of take that one game at a time and see how it goes,” Brown said.

There may be outside factors influencing a decision by Brown, who as recently as Wednesday said he still planned to play James. Things change, however.

He had a close-up view of what happened to Toronto Raptors forward Chris Bosh, who took an inadvertent elbow from Antawn Jamison this past Tuesday. Bosh left the game with facial fractures that ultimately needed surgery. In the process the Raptors’ shot at the postseason may have crumpled.

Then there’s what happened Thursday in Chicago against the Bulls when Luol Deng stepped on Jamison’s foot, sending him out of the game in pain.

”My stomach dropped like 16 or 17 floors when that happened, but it’s part of the process,” Brown said. ”You can’t guard against everybody and everything because if you do you won’t have anybody to put out there.”

In addition to James, Jamison, Mo Williams and Daniel Gibson, who is still nursing a contusion on his right foot, rested. Brown has little problem doing so, especially with James.

”He’s been great. He knows that we’re all trying to look out for not only his best interests, but the team’s, the organization’s and the city’s,” he said.

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