Cavs to negotiate for Ilgauskas' return

George M. Thomas

Monday could bring a shakeup to the Cavaliers’ roster.

That’s the day when the Cavs can begin negotiating with Zydrunas
Ilgauskas about his possible return to the team.

Ilgauskas, 34, indicated that was his intention through his agent, Herb Rudoy, on March 4, after his contract was bought out by the Washington Wizards.

If the two sides reach a deal, it would likely affect one of three players on the roster — rookie guard Danny Green, second-year forward Darnell Jackson or point guard Sebastian Telfair.

The Cavs traded Ilgauskas to the Wizards in a three-team deal Feb. 17 that brought forward Antawn Jamison and Telfair to Cleveland.

Green, who was drafted in the second round out of the University of North Carolina, said he isn’t concerned.

”Honestly, I’m not really worried about that right now and I don’t have any control over what happens,” he said. ”All I can control is what I do.”

He is focusing on getting better by taking extra practice before and after games. It’s the same for Jackson, who can be seen heading for the practice courts atop Quicken Loans Arena when his teammates are heading home. Telfair is sidelined with a ruptured groin.

Ilgauskas has been working to stay in shape while he bides his time in his New York City home.

Although Rudoy can’t speak with the Cavs until Monday, Ilgauskas has been preparing for his return, he said.

Rudoy said Ilgauskas has been working out extensively 3-4 times per week in Manhattan’s Chinatown area.

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