Celtics looking to Move ray Allen?

Adrian Wojnarowski

Kevin Garnett still barks and bellows on the court, clasps his hands
and yet the roar now rings hollow. Down the floor and back again, the
Boston Celtics star drags his battered knee. He has dragged it from one
season into the next, and now comes a growing sector within the
organization that wonders whether Garnett should be further resting the
surgically repaired knee.

What no one here wants is the season ending the way it did a year ago, with a broken-down Garnett unfit or unavailable for the playoffs. What no one here wants is this Hall of Fame core never getting a true chance to raise that 18th championship banner.

The doctors have cleared Garnett, and he plays on, but multiple sources say there’s a sentiment that maybe his hyperextended right knee would be best suited to sit out longer.

Nevertheless, it’s never easy telling Garnett “no,” telling him to back off, because he’s so relentless and resolved to push past the pain, push to a final, gasping championship chase.

Most of all, Celtics general manager Danny Ainge and coach Doc Rivers must reach clarity on several issues between now and the trade deadline on Feb. 18:

Do the Celtics keep Garnett on the floor?

Do they keep Ray Allen at all?

Almost two seasons ago, Allen destroyed the Los Angeles Lakers with his shooting, and Garnett was downright dominant as the NBA’s Defensive Player of the Year. The Celtics had that modern-day Big Three, a rapidly developing Rajon Rondo(notes) and a belief they could recast the franchise as a dynasty. Looking back, they must be grateful for banking that one title. Most of all that softens the basketball angst of what might have been, of a franchise revival that never rose to a dynasty.


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