Cleveland just might be the answer

Michael Wilbon

Idon’t believe for a second we’ve seen the last of Allen Iverson. He may contemplate retirement. He might remain on this mysterious personal leave for a while. But Iverson, even though he has more mileage on him than a soccer mom’s 1990 Volvo wagon and all the dents as well, has plenty of basketball left in him. Surely, the last line on his hoops résumé isn’t going to be three games played for the Memphis Grizzlies.Iverson-in-Memphis was terribly misguided from the time it was conceived, as was his statement the day he signed, "God chose Memphis as the place that I will continue my career." Iverson, not God, made that mistake. He should never have signed with the Grizzlies, though Iverson seemed to be the only person not to know that the club’s owner, Michael Heisley, has no plan to spend money, no plan to actually contend for anything meaningful in the NBA.

Somehow Iverson got it in his head that Memphis was the place for him, even though the team already had Rudy Gay, Zach Randolph and O.J. Mayo, all of whom need shots and will do whatever necessary to jack them up. The news that Iverson is unhappy in Memphis, hates the notion that he should start games on the bench, and now reportedly considering retirement is hardly surprising — though I must say it’s a little surprising to hear Iverson tell reporters, as he did Friday, that he has not talked to Coach Lionel Hollins about his role on the team.

"We’ve never talked to each other," Iverson said. "We’ve never even had a conversation."

So now, Iverson is reportedly tending to non-basketball-related "personal" issues and is simply gone from a team he never should have signed with in the first place. Meanwhile, the guessing game is on as to where Iverson will wind up, because it certainly can’t be Memphis.

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