Cleveland Looking Into Trades

A report on Saturday suggested that Cleveland, constantly rumored to be
looking at trades that could improve an already-impressive roster,
could be looking into Golden State’s Anthony Randolph. There’s no
question that he is a fantastic talent and would add quite a bit of
talent to the Cavalier bench, but the fact that they’ve reportedly
offered only J.J. Hickson straight up for Randolph isn’t enough for the
Warriors to bite.

But, failing once, Danny Ferry apparently will look for help elsewhere. According to Brian Windhorst of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer, other recent inquiries have included Indiana’s Troy Murphy and Washington’s Antawn Jamison.

Certainly Murphy would be the more available of the two considering Indiana’s slow start, but Jamison’s 20+ points per game would be a real coup for the Cavs. The question is who Cleveland would need to give up in order to make either of those deals happen. Hickson is up for grabs, but Murphy and especially Jamison would take quite a bit more than that. There aren’t many options in terms of what other teams would be interested in versus what Cleveland would be willing to move.

The two centers, for example, have over $30 million in expiring deals, but Ferry doesn’t want to move Shaq, and with Shaq’s injuries they can’t afford to move Ilgauskas. Beyond that, what is Cleveland willing to trade that anybody would want?

Clearly this is a team looking to shake things up a bit to stay on top of the Eastern Conference. How or what or for whom should be a point of interest for the next couple of months, but they definitely are making inquiries and definitely do want to be active in improving their roster.

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