Could Dorell have a long-term Heat future?


Q: All this talk of trading Wright seems wrong to me. The team has
invested so much to develop him, and just when he is starting to show
signs of some development, it is going to dump him for salary-cap
reasons? — Shaun.

A: Actually, it is for tax reasons. But consider that even if the Heat doesn’t instead opt for the $7 million it would realize by moving Dorell by the Feb. 18 trading deadline, it still likely would be unable to keep him in the offseason amid its commitment to pool all of its cap space for one or two prime players. So, really, how much is four months of Dorell worth?

Q: What are the odds that we sign Beasley after his rookie contract expires? He is a scoring machine and will only get better with age. — Steven.

A: Michael still has two more seasons under the rookie scale, so there will be no decision to be made other than picking up his option years. Of course the Heat recognizes that it has a commodity in Michael. The question is whether he is viewed more as a trade commodity, as some suspect.

Q: Beasley was a good post player in college, but he never goes into the post even when he has a small forward, shooting guard or even a point guard on him, due to rotations. Why is that? — David.

A: I, too, have wondered why Michael isn’t sent into the post more often against undersized defenders. It’s almost as if Michael’s orbit is only on the perimeter, where he consistently drifts. Clearly the face-up game is Michael’s NBA game of choice.

Q: It is obvious that Riley is holding off Arroyo for a reason, either trying to showcase Chalmers or wants to include Arroyo in a package. — Cruz.

A: This has nothing to do with an Arroyo trade; Carlos’ contract has minimal value. And it has nothing to do with showcasing Mario; the league pretty much has come to a conclusion on him. No, this is about trying to make it work with Mario for both now and the future.

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