Dallas Mavericks gamble they'll make noise in free agency

The movie production company that Mavericks owner Mark Cuban’s has a piece of put out a movie a few years back called The Smartest Guys in the Room.

Based on evidence gathered so far, it was not a do*****entary on the Mavericks’ off-season.But that doesn’t mean hope is lost.

The NBA draft Thursday night was not a time for the Mavericks to make a big splash. It was a time to take care of business as best they could. But the festivities were not the big dealings that fans are waiting for.

And there better be some big dealings.

The Mavericks are under the microscope because of what has happened around them. So many teams have gained strength that it’s guilt by disassociation.

While San Antonio, Denver and others fortify themselves, the Mavericks are waiting.
Dallas Mavericks / NBA

Will the right deal come along?

All fans can do is trust in the management. And word out of the Mavericks’ draft room as they look forward to free agency is that there’s going to be a few more perhaps more prudent options when it comes to making a big splash than the Spurs, Cleveland and Orlando have done in the last week.
Others, like Ben Gordon, Allen Iverson and the like, make only marginal sense for the Mavericks.
The bottom line is that they are going to have to remain patient. Other
teams are going to get antsy and try to shed money. When they do, the
Mavericks have to pounce.
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