Despite another blowout, Chicago Bulls coach appears safe

The Bulls’ 118-83 loss Wednesday night to the Hawks at Philips Arena
will do nothing to quiet the disgruntled fans asking for Vinny Del
Negro’s head.

That’s nine losses in 10 games, seven of them blowouts and one to the team with the league’s worst record.

Only the Bulls coach, general manager Gar Forman and executive vice president of basketball operations John Paxson know what is said behind closed doors about Del Negro’s job status.

Del Negro described their daily talks about the state of the team as positive. And though the season’s worst loss can make things fluid, a coaching change doesn’t appear imminent.

Forman and Paxson know the Bulls’ roster, which carried only 12 healthy players on the first day of training camp, isn’t designed to absorb injuries. It’s built as much for 2010 as 2009.

"They understand," Del Negro said. "They’ve been doing this a long time. We have a lot of great pieces on our team and a lot of guys I have confidence in. The guys who have been healthy have worked hard.

"Luol (Deng), Joakim (Noah), Derrick (Rose), guys are developing. James (Johnson) has been playing better. I look at the glass as half-full, not half-empty.,0,1226994.story

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