Fans hope Lebron James will choose to sign with New York Knicks as free agents i

Knicks fans already have their wish list for next Christmas – and it’s topped with LeBron James.

"If he came here, it would be a big boost for the team, for the city
and for the fans," Brooklyn native Todd Fritz, 40, said after Friday’s
93-87 loss to the Miami Heat, the 18th loss this season.

Fritz envisioned the 6-feet-7 Cleveland Cavalier performing his signature move – rubbing tal***** powder between his hands and explosively throwing it into the air – before games at Madison Square Garden.

"It would bring the fans to their feet," said Fritz, a television producer.

Daily News columnist Mike Lupica wrote a Christmas column betting that James would come to New York in part for the lucrative marketing opportunities that would come his way.

"I believe the guy is coming, which would only be the modern, hoops version of Babe Ruth coming to town," Lupica wrote.

Many fans said they hoped Lupica was right and that King James, a free agent this summer, would come to help the lowly Knicks – but few shared his optimism.

"He would definitely help the team but it would be a long shot," said Carl Tongson, 28, of San Francisco. "He has a better shot at winning a title in Cleveland."

The idea that such a marquee player would choose a team more likely than the Knicks to win a championship was shared by many fans.

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