‘Friendly’ dinner for Bosh and Wade

Dwyane Wade has confirmed he had dinner with Chris Bosh during a
gathering in Los Angeles last week, but denies any notion he tried to
recruit CB4 to South Beach as the July 1 free-agent frenzy approaches.

“Some of my closest friends happen to be certain guys up in this
free-agent market,’’ Flash told reporters in Miami during a weekend
promotional event.

“We’ve been friends since we came into the NBA. We signed with the same
agent. So, we can’t eat together? No worries. Just friends eating

When approached at halftime of Game 2 in the NBA final played at Staples Center, Bosh politely refused comment on the swirling speculation surrounding his pending free agency.

No one at this year’s NBA final believes Bosh is staying in Toronto.

The unanswered questions remain where is he going to end up playing and what, if any, piece or pieces the Raptors will fetch in a potential sign and trade.

Bosh would be an ideal complement playing alongside Wade, LeBron James or Kobe Bryant.

Ideally, it would make more sense for the Raptors to package disgruntled small forward Hedo Turkoglu or over-priced Jose Calderon as part of a sign and trade.

Whatever happens, the process will be complicated, likely involving multiple teams.


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