Hawks roster depth is shallow


Hawks coach Mike Woodson has a white board hanging from the back wall of his office with various scribbles on it, but it wasn’t hard to make out the two rows of initials he jotted down one recent afternoon, or the glaring omission in one category.
There was no power forward listed behind starter Josh Smith. And there is little in the way of depth behind Smith, starting center Al Horford and starting center Zaza Pachulia in a frontcourt rotation that looks dreadfully thin on paper. Seldom-used backup Randolph Morris is under contract but will have to make a major push in training camp to push his way into the rotation.

“We’re in a bind right now,” Woodson said. “When you see it up there on the wall, it really hits home where we’re lacking right now.”

While big men have been flying off the free-agent shelves all summer, the Hawks have had no luck in luring talent outside of the organization. The Hawks’ have been pursuing veteran power forward Joe Smith since last month but haven’t been able to secure a commitment from the former No. 1 overall pick.

They rescinded a qualifying offer to Solomon Jones, who proved to be an able fill-in when Josh Smith was injured early last season. Jones signed a two-year deal with Indiana last week, leaving the Hawks razor thin, at least for the time being.


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