Hill's season over again

Grant Hill’s comeback season is over, cut short by a sore left shin…The Orlando Magic forward has experienced pain on and off since being kicked almost six weeks ago, and Hill’s stride recently has been thrown out of balance. He and team officials worry that if he favours the leg, he could re-injure the left ankle that sidelined him for most of the previous four seasons.

Hill averaged 19.7 points on 51 per cent shooting, 4.7 rebounds and 1.45 steals this season. He played in 67 games — 20 more than the last four seasons combined.

In a tribute to his perseverance and performance, fans voted him as a starter to the all-star game, his sixth appearance in the league’s showcase game.

Hill’s injury woes have been a constant since he signed a $93-million US, seven-year contract in August 2000. In his first three seasons, he played, four, 14 and 29 games, teasing the team with flashes of his all-around talents.

Hill was forced to the bench for the fourth quarter of a game against Washington on April 1, and he hasn’t played since.


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