If not Colangelo, Raps to draft in Embry?

Bryan Colangelo made it clear this week when he sat down with Toronto
hoop scribes that A) he wants to keep running the Raptors and B) he
doesn’t know if his current bosses plan to keep him in power much

The matter is muddled by the fact that Colangelo’s bosses are
planning to put majority control of the team up for sale … which could
actually wind up helping Colangelo if his staunchest supporter –-
current Raptors governor Larry Tanenbaum –- is still part of the
Raptors’ upper-management structure after the sale.

The working assumption in Canada is that Colangelo, with the draft
just two months away, will be in charge of the Raptors’ war room June 23
on draft night despite the fact that his contract expires June 30.
There are likewise plenty of observers who believe Colangelo, given his
experience dealing with changes to the league’s economic system and his
overall body of work in both Phoenix and Toronto, deserves at least one
more season to run the point on Toronto’s post-Chris Bosh rebuild.

However …

Sources close to the situation told ESPN.com this week that the
Raptors do have a backup plan if the current management — at the urging
of staunch anti-Colangelo board member Glen Silvestri — decides it’s
best to make an immediate change. Or a change after June 30.

One possibility management is considering, sources said, is naming
Raptors special advisor Wayne Embry as interim GM. In that scenario,
Embry and longtime Raptors senior director of player personnel Jim Kelly
would then either be asked to oversee Toronto’s draft in Colangelo’s
place, or Embry would simply become interim GM as of July 1.


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