Iguodala was at a doctor's appointment

76ers swingman Andre Iguodala said he did not "skip" his exit
interview today at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, he
was attending a team doctor’s appointment. Iguodala was present for the
team meeting and media availability, at which point the individual
players were scheduled to meet with coach Doug Collins. Iguodala had a
previously scheduled doctor’s appointment, as do all players who battle
injuries throughout the year. Iguodala suffered both right knee and
Achilles tendinitis.

When asked if he skipped his exit interview, Iguodala returned a text saying, "Not true. I had a team doctor’s appointment."
Sixers team president Rod Thorn confirmed that Iguodala did have an
appointment, just across the street from where exit interviews are held,
but that the team expected Iguodala to return for the exit interview.
"It’s no big deal at all," Thorn said of the situation, adding that
it was customary for players to have doctor’s appointments at season’s
end. Asked if Iguodala was to be fined or if he was in trouble, Thorn
said, "No."
"Obviously he played very well in the last game in particular," Thorn said. "Everything is fine with Iguodala."

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