Impending free agents the Lakers could welcome

Their words are still hovering over Lakersland,
well-meaning advice for the offseason from two Hall of Fame members who
know a thing or two about building and maintain championship-caliber
teams in the NBA.
"It needs to build speed," retiring Lakers coach Phil Jackson said of
the team in his farewell address last week. "They need to have speed to
get easy baskets."
Days earlier, former Lakers guard Magic Johnson told viewers on ESPN,
"The Lakers have two problems. They’re too slow and no athletes."
Free agency, one way to get faster and more athletic, is set to begin
at 9 p.m. PDT June 30, which is the exact instant the league’s owners
are expected to lock out their players, which means free agency will be
brought to a halt before it starts.
Still, there are lists to be compiled, with strengths and weaknesses assessed.
Here’s a look at who could be available at a reasonable price,
assuming the Lakers can afford to sign any free agents under a new
collective bargaining agreement.
There are a great many ifs and buts, but for the sake of argument … Aaron Brooks, point guard, Phoenix Suns. J.J. Barea, point guard, Dallas Mavericks.
Marc Gasol, center, Memphis Grizzlies.
DeAndre Jordan, center, Clippers.
Carl Landry, power forward, New Orleans Hornets.
Ronnie Price, point guard, Utah Jazz.

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