Jazz won't be bullied into trading Boozer

David Aldridge TNT Analyst

we all wait for Miami to finish up the summer by either signing Lamar
Odom, matching or not matching Cleveland’s offer sheet on Jamario Moon
and trying to goose Utah into a Carlos Boozer deal…

This just in: Utah is not going to be goosed into doing a Carlos Boozer deal.

All summer, we’ve been given breathless updates as to who is "ahead" in the Boozer "sweepstakes," with the two-time All-Star making his preference for wearing Heat Black next season clear. Three-way trades, two-team trades, all kind of trades–to the Bulls, to the Heat, to the Knicks, with the emphasis on a supposedly imminent deal, the Jazz not possibly being able to welcome Boozer back into the fold next season.

All wrong.

There’s a good chance Carlos Boozer is the starting power forward for Utah in November, with a slighly overpriced backup in Paul Milsap.

Let me say this one more time: Utah is not going to be bullied, rushed or otherwise forced into trading Boozer anywhere. The Jazz is not going to do a deal for a deal’s sake, and certainly isn’t going to do a bad deal. That doesn’t mean Utah isn’t listening to offers (it is) or won’t ultimately get a deal done for Boozer (though Miami will have to do better than combinations featuring Udonis Haslem and Dorell Wright; if the first words out of Riles’s mouth aren’t "Michael Beasley," forget it).

Whether Boozer or Utah has it right about a supposed "agreement" to trade him (General Manager Kevin O’Connor publicly denied there was an arrangement on Tuesday; a Utah official used a very popular, two-syllable word with me to describe that claim, beginning with "bull…"), the Jazz is going to take its time looking at offers. It is true that Utah has made it clear it’s not likely to re-sign Boozer to a huge contract extension after this season, but that’s a different topic.


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