Jordan would be best bait to lure LeBron

Tom Sorensen

I respect young athletes who respect those who came before them. So I respect LeBron James. LeBron said two weeks ago that the NBA should retire No.23, Michael Jordan’s number. LeBron has worn No.23 since he was a high school sophomore and he’s willing to give it up.
LeBron and his Cleveland Cavaliers are in Charlotte tonight to play the Bobcats. This is a glamour game, so I suspect Jordan, the Bobcats’ managing member of basketball operations, will be there.

I also suspect he and LeBron will talk. If I’m Michael, this is what I say:

"LeBron, you’re the best player to come into the NBA since me. Instead of retiring No.23, how about you wear it next season – with the Bobcats. Stephen Graham wears the number now, but we can persuade him to give it up and it won’t cost us a cent. If he refuses, I’ll cut him."

Obviously, the Bobcats don’t have the money New York does to spend on LeBron or other coveted soon-to-be free agents such as Miami’s Dwyane Wade, Toronto’s Chris Bosh and Phoenix’s Amare Stoudemire

The Knicks have carved basketball salaries from their payroll the way the way the rest of us carved white meat. They painstakingly put themselves in position to sign LeBron. So why didn’t Charlotte?

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