July 15, 2009 – NBA News and Rumors Roundup

Iverson’s agent set to talk to Clippers

Lakers pull offer to Lamar Odom

Suns Want to See Healthy Stoudemire

Boozer expects to be dealt

Celtics confident that they will bring back Big BabyIverson’s agent set to talk to Clippers

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Allen Iverson’s agent plans to meet with Los Angeles Clippers officials in Las Vegas to discuss a one-year deal for the mid-level exception of $5.8 million, ESPN.com reported.

The agent, Cherry Hill’s Leon Rose, was trying to set up a meeting between Iverson and the Clippers, who want to ask the former 76ers all-star how he feels about coming off the bench, the Web site reported. That issue became a sore subject for Iverson when he was with the Detroit Pistons last season.

The former MVP and four-time scoring champion is an unrestricted free agent.

The Memphis Grizzlies and Miami Heat also are said to be interested in Iverson, 34, who averaged a career-low 17.5 points per game last season.


Lakers pull offer to Lamar Odom

By Broderick Turner

Lakers owner Jerry Buss, an avid poker player, called Lamar Odom’s bluff at the negotiating table Tuesday, following through with his threat to pull the offer to Odom.

The Lakers admitted that the offer Buss presented to Odom and his representatives has been available for over a week, but that because the unrestricted free agent never responded, Buss grew upset and broke off all negotiations.

"Yes, we have taken the deal off the table," Lakers public relations director John Black said. "Talks have broken down for the time being."

Black was asked if talks could resume in the future.

"That’s within the realm of possibility," he said.

Lakers team officials, who were not authorized to speak about the negotiations, said Buss offered Odom a deal for $9 million a season for four years at $36 million, or $10 million a season over three years for a total of $30 million.

Odom and his agent, Jeff Schwartz, were looking for $10 million a year over five seasons.


Suns Want to See Healthy Stoudemire


The Phoenix Suns want to see how Amare Stoudemire returns from eye surgery before offering him a contract extension.

The All-Star forward missed the rest of the season after a Feb. 20 operation to repair a partially detached retina, and last week he underwent another procedure as part of the recovery process.

”I think everything looks great, but before you make that kind of a financial commitment, or any commitment in this league, you have to know that your player is fine and ready to go,” Suns general manager Steve Kerr said on Tuesday. ”I’m on the same page as Charlie (Grantham, Stoudemire’s agent) and Amare. We need to see Amare on the court in October and see that everything’s going to be OK, which we fully expect. Before we make that kind of commitment, you’d better be sure.”

After a workout at U.S. Airways Center last week, Stoudemire said he believes he deserves a maximum extension.


Boozer expects to be dealt

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• Boozer expects to be dealt — Carlos Boozer doesn’t expect to be playing for the Utah Jazz this season.

Just two weeks ago, Boozer opted to remain with the Jazz for the final year of his contract. But Boozer told a Chicago radio station Tuesday he expects the Jazz to trade him.

“The Jazz told me they want to go in a different direction and I respect their decision,” Boozer said Tuesday during an interview with WMVP. “We mutually agreed to work out a trade that was beneficial for them and beneficial for my family and me. So with that being said I’m gonna be traded relatively soon or in good time.”

• Bulls buyout Thomas— Forward Tim Thomas and the Chicago Bulls have agreed on a contract buyout, ending the veteran’s second stint with the Bulls.

The team announced the move Tuesday.

Acquired from the New York Knicks in February, Thomas averaged 5.8 points and 2.3 rebounds in 18 games with Chicago. He was scheduled to make about $6.4 million, but the Bulls had no room for him after drafting forwards James Johnson and Taj Gibson last month.


Celtics confident that they will bring back Big Baby

“We like him and want him back,’’ Ainge said about Davis. “We’re trying to get Glen back. We’re planning on having Glen back.’’

The problem for Boston is other teams are also interested.

Detroit, Utah, Cleveland, Charlotte, Dallas, and New Orleans also covet Big Baby. The Pistons recently dealt two players to Denver to clear salary cap space and are trying to make another medium deal to gain more money to sign Davis to an offer sheet, according to an NBA source. Detroit and New Orleans might have to work out a sign and trade to make such a deal for Davis happen.

So how much should Davis be paid? One NBA team liked Davis more than newly signed Magic free agent forward Brandon Bass, who received a four-year, $18 million deal. Utah restricted free agent forward Paul Millsap, who is regarded slightly higher than Davis, signed a four-year, $32 million offer sheet with Portland that could be matched. Don’t be surprised if Davis signs an offer sheet that will challenge Boston, which is over the luxury tax and recently signed Wallace to a three-year, $18 million deal.


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