Karl, Nuggets appear to be closer on a contract extension

After negotiations Thursday, it appears the Nuggets are closer to
reaching an agreement with coach George Karl about a contract
extension, though a deal is not yet official.

Bret Adams, an attorney representing the Nuggets’ coach, met with
officials from Kroenke Sports Enterprises and afterward said: "It’s a
complicated discussion and process because of the potential lockout
(after 2010-11). It’s a different economic environment. All of that has
added a complexity to contract negotiations that simply hasn’t been
there before.

"But both parties are professionally and diligently working to keeping George Karl in Denver."

Karl repeatedly has said he wants to stay in Denver. Karl is under contract for the rest of this season, and he’s seeking a potential three-year extension.

With 958 career wins and annual win-total improvement with Denver, Karl feels he should be paid as one of the top coaches in the NBA. His current $3 million salary does not put him in that group.

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