Kobe Likely to resign with the Lakers

The LA times is reporting that Kobe Bryant will be back, which means Phil Jackson should be back, which could mean another dynastic run for the Lakers.It was late in Saturday’s news conference when the topic of Kobe Bryant’s future arose.

Maybe it was because he was in a good mood, or maybe it was because he was trying to deflect attention from that awful purple sweat thing he was wearing, but Bryant actually played along.

A questioner reminded him that he could terminate his contract after this season

"I have no idea what you’re talking about," Bryant said, laughing.

The same questioner reminded him that it would soon be a topic.

"It won’t be a topic," Bryant said. "Won’t be an issue."

The questioner asked him to elaborate.

"No," Bryant said. "That’s exactly why it won’t be an issue."

It was my turn. I first accused Bryant of bringing up the subject, and he laughed again.

"I didn’t bring it up," he said. "I deflected."

Then I asked the only question on this subject that I figured he might answer.

I asked, could you imagine playing for anyone else besides the Lakers next year?

"No," he said.

Bingo. That’s enough for me, and should be enough for the Lakers.

Unless Lakers officials somehow botch the negotiations for the new deal Bryant will demand after opting out of his contract — and they won’t, they love Kobe — then Bryant will be around to attempt another three-peat.

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