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Point guard still seems a Bulls priority

Shaq to the Bulls?The Chicago Tribune is reporting that "For the second straight day, a point guard insisted the Bulls have expressed major interest in him. That UCLA’s Collison followed Syracuse’s Jonny Flynn with such words means either the players are *****y and excitable, the Bulls want insurance in case Kirk Hinrich is traded or Ben Gordon signs elsewhere or Derrick Rose is a bust.

This is serious, though: Point guard is the deepest position in the June 25 NBA draft and the Bulls, should they remain at No. 16 and No. 26, are confident they can find a solid prospect if they want one.",0,2218278.story

Shaq to the Bulls? is reporting on the possibility that Shaq could be traded to the Bulls this offseaon.

“There is a possibility Shaquille O’Neal could be in a Chicago Bulls uniform next season. In a rather surprising discovery, the Phoenix Suns and Bulls plan on engaging in trade talks that could send the future hall of fame center to Chicago, as soon as teams are allowed to talk after the playoffs.

Suns GM Steve Kerr is looking to deal Shaq and is said to be interested in Loul Deng. The Suns would like to move the aging center mainly because he has slowed the up-tempo Suns down drastically. They feel Deng could bring some young, athletic energy back to the team.”

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