Latest Raptor Trade Rumor

The NBA is nothing if not a giant trade rumour but this one involving
the Raptors piques your attention: The rumbling is the Raps considering
sending underachieving point guard Jose Calderon to Sacramento for the
Kevin Martin who doesn’t curl. Martin can score from the two-guard,
can’t play much defence, and wouldn’t that make him the perfect Raptor? … The case that Gilbert Arenas violated his NBA contract seems too simple: As per their own rules, the clause in the collective bargaining agreement that insists upon "good citizenship, good moral character and good sportsmanship" has been trampled upon. One more thing about this idiocy: The minute Arenas is cleared to play again, some NBA team will want him. He’s too good not to want and lesser players such as Michael Vick and Bob Probert were given opportunities after doing their time behind bars … What’s the big deal about a professional hockey coach telling a fighter to fight? The coach tells the checkers to check and the scorers to score. If the NHL allows and encourages fighting, it can’t get all holy if a coach wants to get what the team is paying for … What seemed like a very good idea at the time isn’t: Kevin Weekes on Hockey Night In Canada.

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