LeBron looking at July, Knicks


On the eve of his Garden visit, free-agent-to-be LeBron James spoke tonight before facing the Bulls and said enough hopeful things to keep Knick fans fantasizing about July 1."There will be a lot of intensity, the fact that we only play there Once,” King James said.

"July 1 is right around the corner, so it will be exciting. I’m looking forward to winning an NBA championship here. It is going to be a long season and I can’t think about what is going to happen July 1 or after that or what I’m going to do."

Certainly, James wants the Knicks as an option, whether as a bargaining chip or to keep his name alive.

"I don’t tease, I’ve never teased the New York media my saying I was coming to New York or playing for the Knicks,” James said. "I saw the same thing every time. When July 1 get here, I’m going to approach it like a business man and approach it for the best fit for LeBron and his family. I’ve been a Cav for seven years now and I’ve never given any indication I was leaving. For me to say I’m not going to be a Knick, I’m going to be a Cav or I’m going to be a Knick, I’m not going to do that. I did the three-year contract for a reason, I’m going to leave my options open.”

"We’ll see what happens, I’ve never given any indication I’ll leave Cleveland or be somewhere else. It doesn’t matter where I’ll be, I’m good enough to help a team win basketball games.”


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