LeBron will have better options than Knicks

Peter Vecsey

Big ups to the Cavaliers, who came into New York and rode roughshod over it . . . you know, like Bloomberg.As usual, the Knicks’ sorry showing against the Cavs provokes the same old question:

Why would LeBron James want to join forces with this motley crew’s skeleton remains (with apologies to Eddy Curry) if he’s aiming for a championship bull’s-eye?


Well, let’s get two things straight at the top:

Foremost, one of LeBron closest confidants, in response to those who mocked my disclosure Cavs chairman Dan Gilbert is terrified his meal ticket will abscond should the team not win a title, declared to friends, "They (Dan and his entourage; young owners have them, too) better be scared!"

Secondly, the Knicks are not the lone team LeBron will consider when he becomes an unrestricted free agent come July 1. Despite people’s sarcastic opinion of the Nyets, count on them being a real contender for his simonized services.

Clearly, the Newark, er, Brooklyn-bound franchise flaunts gobs more promising personnel than Camp Cablevision’s varmints, many who must be renounced (David Lee, Al Harrington, Chris Duhon, Larry Hughes and Nate Robinson can kiss their ‘Bird rights’ bye-bye) in order to Make Room For Daddy.

What’s more, according to someone in the know, LeBron is viewing the Bulls as a wild card challenger; no other suitor need apply.


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