Linas Kleiza considers a one year deal is reporting that Linas Kleiza is considering
taking a one year contract with the Nuggets next season so that he will become
an unrestricted free agent the year after.

It is reported in the article that “Money is expected to be tight in the NBA
this summer, when Kleiza will be a restricted free agent. He acknowledged one
option is to return to the Nuggets for the $2.7 million qualifying offer and
then become unrestricted in 2010 when the economy could be better and more
teams are expected to have salary-cap money.

“Yes, it’s definitely a possibility,’’ Kleiza said in an interview Saturday
with InDenver Times.

“I don’t think they’re going to let me go unrestricted
this summer. But, you know, it’s isn’t for me to decide. This team (the
Nuggets) has a lot of salary-cap issues. But, you know, I’ve got a good agent
(Bill Duffy).’’

Kleiza is right that the Nuggets aren’t going to let him become unrestricted
this summer. An NBA source with direct knowledge of the situation said Denver
will exercise the $2.7 million qualifying offer, which is the amount stipulated
in Kleiza’s rookie-scale contract and which would enable the Nuggets to keep
his restricted status.”

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