Magic can't ignore Nets' cry for help


Team president Rod Thorn admits the Nets will have to look everywhere
to find players after this nightmare season concludes and at least six
player contracts expire.

And current Knicks forward Al Harrington hopes they look his way.

Hall of Famer Magic Johnson last night said he hopes the Nets get the first overall pick in the lottery and then find one player in the draft.


"I really can’t imagine a team being 7 and 60-something, not in today’s game," Johnson said, sitting courtside as the "60-something" Nets suffered their 61st defeat, a 108-97 loss to the 76ers, despite a lineup change that inserted Terrence Williams into the first five.

"I can’t fathom it," Johnson said. "And the worst thing is they may not even get the first pick, which they need. Be it John Wall, whomever, they need it for the fans, for the energy in the arena, for the organization.

"They need it for [Brook] Lopez, who is really good. The league needs it for them to build around."

Of course, LeBron James could help, but Johnson feels the Nets lost him with their temporary move to Newark before their relocation to Brooklyn.

"That took them out of it," Johnson said.

So maybe the Nets, with $23.3 million to spend, will get lucky with the second tier-type free agents that include Harrington, 6-foot-9, a 14.1 career scorer who stated he would be open to signing with the Nets.

The notion is not far-fetched. Multiple team sources agreed Harrington "would be someone to consider" during this summer’s free agency.

Thorn declined comment — teams are not permitted to discuss players under contract to other teams. But he didn’t do anything to squash the idea.

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