Marbury restarts feud with Brown

"With ominous and insubordinate remarks, Stephon Marbury restarted the feud with Larry Brown yesterday, lashing out again about his distaste for the Knicks coach’s system this season and defiantly repeating the "Starbury" moniker. "I don’t care what [Brown] wants to hear," Marbury said at one juncture. "I’m telling you what I’m going to do.

""A defiant Stephon Marbury reopened his bitter and sometimes juvenile feud with Larry Brown yesterday by saying he will do things his way next season and that if the Knicks’ Hall of Fame coach doesn’t like it, "I don’t care." Confident that he won’t be traded and repeating his familiar mantra to play like "Starbury" – whatever that means – next season, Marbury said that his days of conforming to Brown’s demands as a controlled, pass-first point guard are over. Asked if that is what Brown wants to hear, Marbury fired back: "I don’t care what he wants to hear. I’m telling you what I’m going to do.""

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