Marbury to join the Celtics today

The Boston Herald is reporting that it appears likely that Stephon
Marbury will join the Celtics today after clearing waivers.

It is noted that he is likely to sign league minimum
contract with the Celtics. It is reported that he will join the Celtics “and
turn to a piece of unfinished business that started burning in Kevin Garnett’s
gut just after the 1998 NBA lockout.”

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In a different article from marbury says "One of the most memorable scenes in NBA draft history happened in 1996,
when Stephon Marbury cried tears of joy with his family after he was
picked. Thirteen years later, the two-time All-Star said he is feeling
similar joy on the eve of a new beginning with the Celtics."

He also notes "This is the happiest I’ve been since being drafted, man. I’m so happy
that it doesn’t even feel real. It feels, it just feels like, it feels
different to finally be able to get the opportunity to go play for a
team that’s established."

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