Mike James rumors and Arenas's all-star quest

Michael Lee

I wanted to address the Mike James to Miami rumor that ESPN.com’s Marc
Stein circulated on Wednesday afternoon. I mentioned it on my Twitter
account last night, but there is nothing moving right now with regards
to any James trade, based on conversations that I’ve had with a few
people who would know.

James would surely love a reunion with the Heat, but Michael Wallace of the Miami Herald confirmed that talks with Miami have been dead for awhile in his chat this afternoon. I reported earlier that the Wizards have been open to trading James for some time and would like to deal him before the February deadline. They have talked to at least three teams about getting something done. Problem is, the Wizards haven’t found a deal to their liking. And, they might not.

I recently discovered that James quietly asked to be moved during the preseason, when he realized that there weren’t many minutes available in the backcourt. The Wizards weren’t upset with the request, from what I understand, and are doing what they can to make James happy — but not at the expense of their financial flexibility.

James has an expiring contract, which should be attractive to teams looking to clear salary, but Wizards also have no interest in taking back any salary beyond this season. They have eight free agents on the roster, including unrestricted free agents Haywood and Mike Miller and restricted free agent Randy Foye. So, James is staying put for now.


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