Mike Miller would love to go back to Orlando

When the Orlando Magic came to Washington last month, Mike Miller spent
some time with former Memphis teammate and fellow Florida alum Jason
Williams. Miller said Williams told him how much fun it was playing for a
winner and offered some encouraging words.

So, after watching Williams end all suspense on Wednesday by scoring six points in the final two seconds of the third quarter, you couldn’t blame Miller for looking over at the other bench and pondering what it would be like to play with a contender.

After scoring 16 points in the Wizards’ 121-94 loss to the Magic, Miller was asked about a possible return to Orlando, where he spent his first 2 ½ seasons and won rookie of the year in 2001.

"I would love to," Miller said. "Look at what they have. For a shooter, it is a dream come true. It would be exciting to go in there. Not only do they have a big guy who they have a chance to double, but they have shooters around the horn. It would be a fun experience for sure."

Now, the Magic doesn’t really need Miller, since signing him would require them to go deeper in luxury tax territory. And, while Miller could definitely be an asset for a good team, the Magic doesn’t appear to be lacking in perimeter shooting. After all, it shot 13 for 22 from beyond the three-point line against the Wizards.

Williams said that this Magic team is better than his Heat team that won the NBA title in 2006. "One through 15, this most talented team I’ve played on, the deepest team. So, we’ll see how it goes in the playoffs."

Miller said that he would look into being in a winning environment when he signs his next free agent deal. "Obviously, if you are not wanting to win, you are not in it for the right reasons. I definitely would like to win," Miller said. "The last couple of years have been rough for me. At the same time, we will see what is out there."


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