Mourning to join O'Neal in Miami

Mourning could be in uniform as early as Thursday against New Jersey.He’s expected to make about $325,000 US for the rest of the season, a prorated share of the $1.1 million minimum veteran contract.

“He’s just going to make us a tougher team to beat,” said centre Shaquille O’Neal.

“When Shaq goes to the bench, we don’t have that presence,” added guard Dwyane Wade. “Plus, he’s very strong. It’s going to be great.”



Heat are my pick for the East. Are the Spurs still the team to beat? A lot of people think they will win the championship but I would put my money on the Heat or the Suns before them.

I don’t understand why the Raptors even acquired Mourning. They just threw away $10 Million for a guy that had no intention of playing for them. The Raptors are a tool!

At the start of the season there were rumors that Michael Jordan would come out of retirement to play for the Heat. That didn’t happen. Now that the Hawks have released Gary Payton, guess what the rumors are now…

Payton wants to play for a playoff contender.

Carter scored 32 points for the Nets in a win against newly acquired Chris Webber and the 76ers.

Walker who returned to Boston not long ago scored 16 points in a win against the Lakers.

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