NBA lockout pits selfish owners against each other

Heat owner Micky Arison owns not one but two of America’s 50 largest
yachts, according to a rich-person magazine. He lives on one of them.
This isn’t excessive in the world he inhabits. Both yachts combined
aren’t as large as the one built by the Russian billionaire owner of the
Chelsea soccer team.
Roman Abramovich, who travels with a 40-strong
security detail he calls “a private army,” took more than a year to
build his 560-foot Eclipse, which is almost-two-football-fields massive
and can’t even be docked in most marinas. It is equipped with not one
but two helicopter pads and a submarine.
Point is, sports owners live in a different world than the rest of us,
money and power and yachts another way to keep score, their
teams-as-toys orbit so distorted it Eclipses practicality so completely
that they don’t even notice when they are building an ego too big to be

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