NBA News and Rumor Roundup – August 13 2009

Wallace signs with Pistons

Rockets sign C David Andersen

Exclusive: Jet Says Mavs Are ‘A Piece Away’

Wallace signs with Pistons

Associated Press

Ben Wallace needed some help backing away from the idea of retirement and two old friends in Detroit were ready to help.

The four-time All-Star was ready to walk away from the game when he was bought out by Phoenix in the aftermath of the Shaquille O’Neal trade. Tayshaun Prince and Richard Hamilton, his former teammates with the Pistons, had other ideas.

"I think Tayshaun called me first, but they were both giving me some coaching," Wallace said.

That was more than enough to convince Wallace that the time was right for his return to Detroit to reunite with the two other cogs from Detroit’s most recent heyday. Wallace, who played for the Pistons from 2001-06, signed a free-agent deal Wednesday.

"It’s great to be back," Wallace said. "My career took off when I was here, and I’m ready to see what will happen this time."

Wallace was one of Detroit’s most popular athletes during his stint with the Pistons, especially after Detroit’s 2004 championship and near-miss in 2005. That changed after the hardworking rebounder signed a big free-agent deal with division-rival Chicago in the summer of 2006.

Rockets sign C David Andersen

AP Sports

he Houston Rockets have signed center David Andersen to a multiyear contract to help make up for the loss of Yao Ming.
The Rockets acquired the rights to the 6-foot-11 Andersen in a trade with Atlanta on July 14. Houston scrambled to find a center after announcing in June that Yao was out indefinitely with a hairline fracture in his left foot.
Yao announced last month that he would have surgery to repair the injury, a decision that will likely keep him out all of next season. The seven-time All-Star underwent the procedure the following week.

Exclusive: Jet Says Mavs Are ‘A Piece Away’

Mike Fisher —

“This is going to be our year!’’ Jason Terry tells me, and I am only slightly moved. After all, doesn’t the always ebullient Jet think every year is going to be our year? I’m sure that he’s sincerely believed that it’s been his year since 1977, when he emerged from the womb and responded to the doctor’s butt tap not with a newborn’s cry but with the words, “Doc, this is going to be our year!’’

But then Jet and I start discussing the details of why he believes the 2009 Dallas Mavericks might be something special. And something becomes clear: While only time will tell if he’s correct, his belief isn’t just based on his by-rote confidence but also by his analysis of the Mavs roster – and what he terms “one or one-and-a-half’’ remaining needs.

“Believe what I’m telling you,’’ Terry says. “I like our team, the way we’ve put this team together. We’re one piece or maybe one-and-half pieces away.’’

Jet, speaking to me at his Jason Terry Foundation kids basketball camp in Plano (I’ll have the Video Visit up in a bit) is very specific in his thoughts on the Mavs’ personnel. We talked about veteran teammates Dirk, Josh and Kidd, and about newcomers Shawn Marion and Drew Gooden, and of course, about Terry himself.

“My No. 1 goal is to win a championship,’’ says Terry, who adds that his No. 2 goal is to be a back-to-back winner of the NBA’s Sixth Man of the Year Award.

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