NBA News and Rumors – October 2, 2009

Stan Van Gundy Takes Vince Carter to Task Defensively

Iverson: Pistons lied about his role on the team

Extension decisions nearing deadline for Brewer, Love

Stan Van Gundy Takes Vince Carter to Task Defensively

Tim Povtak

It didn’t take long for Magic coach Stan Van Gundy to let his new star know that no one is immune from his sometimes-biting, often-surprising critique.

Vince Carter — the eight-time All-Star — caught Van Gundy’s wrath Wednesday, just the second day of training camp. Often treated with kid gloves during his time in New Jersey, Carter became the example of what not to do late in the morning practice.

"He (Carter) did not play well defensively today. He didn’t do a good job out there. He’s capable of doing a lot better, and that’s what I want to see," Van Gundy said. "As a matter of fact, we’ll talk to him about that and show him some (film) clips tomorrow."

Van Gundy was particularly upset when Carter fell asleep on one defensive possession, allowing J.J. Redick to catch and score on a back-door play.

"No, I’m not surprised (about Van Gundy’s criticism)," Carter said when told of Van Gundy’s assessment. "You can have 12 turnovers (and nothing is said) with him, but you let one guy go back-door and get caught looking, he’ll let you have it. I won’t make that mistake again."

Carter, now going into his 12th NBA season, was obtained in a trade from New Jersey this summer. He is the one expected to put the Magic over the top after they lost badly in the NBA Finals in June.

Iverson: Pistons lied about his role on the team

Ronald Tillery

Allen Iverson spent his third day of training camp with the Grizzlies being vocal on the court as the team held spirited scrimmages.

Iverson, a 34-year-old veteran, delivered some choice words off the court, too. But Iverson’s comments were directed at his former team.

Iverson told ESPN columnist Scoop Jackson that former Detroit Pistons head coach Michael Curry “lied” to him about coming off the bench instead of starting.

“They told me, straight up, ‘Allen we would never disrespect you or your career like that’ by making me come off the bench," Iverson said in an interview with “That’s what they told me to my face. And after that, I never thought about it again. I just went back to playing. Then, they came to me saying that they felt it would be in the ‘best interest of the team’ if I came off of the bench behind Rip (Richard Hamilton).

“… After that, they told me that if I didn’t come off the bench — the team was going to lie down [not play] on me. … When he told me that, that’s when I felt that this was the worst career move I’d ever made and it was the worst year of my career."

Iverson had started 824 of 829 career games before last season.

Extension decisions nearing deadline for Brewer, Love


The Timberwolves will use October to consider options for a third point guard. They also by month’s end must make contract-extension decisions on youngsters Kevin Love, Corey Brewer and Oleksiy Pecherov.

Extending Love a $3.6 million qualifying offer by the Oct. 31 deadline is what Wolves boss David Kahn calls a "no-brainer," but Pecherov is an unlikely keep.

On Thursday, Kahn said he "can’t fathom" not guaranteeing Brewer — the seventh overall pick in the 2007 draft — a $3.7 million contract for the 2010-11 season.

"I think I need to visit with the coaches and we need to watch Corey play this year," Kahn said. "It’d be hard for me to fathom as we speak today that we don’t pick up Corey as well [as Love]. But we’ve got all month to think about it."

Brewer said he hasn’t even thought about that Oct. 31 deadline.

"Either they like me or they’re not going to like me," he said. "I hope they like me because I like being here in Minnesota."

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