New York Knicks big man Eddy Curry disappointed in lack of court time

Mitch Abramson

Eddy Curry remains disappointed in his lack of playing time. The big
man hasn’t played in four straight games, a string that corresponds
with the Knicks’ recent winning ways – they had won seven of nine
before Friday’s 93-87 loss to the Heat.

"This is frustrating because I worked so hard to get back to get ready to go and now it’s like every game I have to figure out if I’m playing or not," said Curry, who had to lose a great deal of weight to get back on the floor this season. "Just sitting over there waiting to see what’s going to happen (is difficult). It’s tough to deal with, especially at this stage of my career, at this age (27). Well, I’m not that old yet but I’ve been in here for a while. I just leave it up to (coach Mike D’Antoni) if he decides I play. If not, then I’ll try to figure something out."

Curry said he hasn’t spoken to D’Antoni about his situation, nor does he have a sense of what it would take to get back into the rotation.

"I have no idea," Curry said. "It’s frustrating. … During the game, I’m sitting over there and time is just ticking away. A lot of stuff crosses your mind."

STILL NO NATE: Nate Robinson has had even more time to sit and think lately, as he was benched for an 11th straight game Friday – though the Garden crowd chanted for him to play throughout the game.

"Nate is a little fighter," said Heat star Dwyane Wade. "For him not to be out there and for them to be winning this way, it’s a true testament to them and their confidence. It’s unfortunate that Nate is not out there, but there’s a lot of guys who went through that and had the opportunity to come back up."

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