No chance Knicks land Johnson

First thing last: None of the above mentioned grounds will be Johnson’s
decisive motive for rejecting the Knicks, should they even proposition
him. Except, perhaps, for LeBron and Dwayne Wade, his bottom line is no
different than every other player’s bottom line.

(I’m not saying LeBron and Dwyane Wade can be had for less money if cir*****stances are ideal on other fronts, but certainly they’re in position to afford to accept less because they have so many other opportunities to get even and richer still.)

Johnson’s bottom line with the Hawks, should they offer a 6-year maximum contract, including 10 ½ percent incremental raises, will be $25 million in excess of what the Knicks are allowed to offer him over five years, including 8½ percent bumps.
hat’s a conservative number. Next season’s salary cap amount won’t be known until July. So, it could be more.

Even if the Hawks pull back a bit, the disparity between what the Knicks can give still will be $15-to-$20 million in arrears over the life of the deal. Off hand, I can’t recall a single professional player who has ever left that large a paper trail behind, coach’s player, or not.

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