No Raptor is untradeable

Colangelo spent Monday pointing out, among many things, that no
Raptor is untradeable. And just in case you were worried he was sinking
Bargnani’s value in the process — well, Colangelo made the salesman’s
point, too, that Bargnani remains both a “matchup nightmare” and an
unknown quantity, since he has yet to be paired with a legitimately
sized centre who could paper over the Italian’s deficiencies.

Nobody knows if Colangelo will be around to trade Bargnani, whom
the GM selected with the No. 1 overall pick in the 2006 NBA draft. The
folks at parent company Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment do limbo
better than many double-jointed Trinidadians. Colangelo’s contract
status remains unresolved, as has been reported in this space, thanks in
part to anti-Colangelo sentiments harboured by a representative of the
pension plan that owns the bulk of the operation. That there’s a swirl
of other unknowns in the air — not least the pension plan’s potential
unloading of its 66 per cent stake—makes it difficult to handicap the

Still, Colangelo, along with acknowledging his many mistakes during
his five-year stay in Hogtown, made a compelling case for his
re-signing. He pointed out that, with a new set of salary-cap rules on
the horizon, he has navigated three previous shifts in the league’s
economic system during his 16 seasons as a GM. And he cited this past
season’s work to set up the club’s long-term future, wherein he claimed
to have resisted the urge to make at least two unspecified deals that
could have, in Colangelo’s assessment, made the Raptors a contender for a
playoff spot, albeit to the long-term detriment of the picture.–feschuk-raptors-gm-bryan-colangelo-makes-compelling-case-for-his-continued-employment

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