O'Brien must go — for the good of the bad Pacers

Bob Kravitz

Maybe Jim O’Brien is trying to get himself fired. Maybe he’s gone in
the tank, just as his team has done for the past few months, and is
willing to take the cash for next season and move on back to Florida.

I’ve written it before, with a mild bit of hesitation.

I’m writing it now, with no hesitation, with major emphasis, with boldfaced capital letters.


We can all agree, this season was stillborn before it got past the first two weeks. Even in that home opener, they played with no energy, no passion, no clue. And it hasn’t gotten any better all season.

Maybe that says more about this current group of players than it does about O’Brien, but you can’t fire the players. Ultimately, they’re not performing for this guy. They’ve checked out, zoned out, quit hearing his voice. If it was just a matter of losing, fine, but they’re losing badly, losing by double digits, getting outworked on a regular basis.

This team came into the season with the most minimal of expectations. Win three or four more games than last year, end up with 40 total and maybe sneak into the playoffs in the top-heavy Eastern Conference. Instead, they’ve regressed.


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